Speeches by Dr Zoran Đinđić presented in the Museum are part of the collection available at the Fund of Dr Zoran Đinđić. For the first time, the speeches by Dr Zorana Đinđić made before the Serbian Parliament, Federal Parliamant of FRY and those held at the meetings of party authorities, different congresses, including lectures given in Serbia and abroad, are now made available in one place. The speeches display the consistency of Dr Zoran Đinđić in his fight for democracy, against violence and war, and the ongoing pursuit of a modern Serbia and its European integration.


Mandate holder for the Republic of Serbia Government

Election of the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and RS Government Members, Belgrade

Ladies and gentlemen members of Parliament,

In democratic countries, the program for Government normally derives from election program of the political group that won the trust of the citizens. We aim to establish democratic relationships in Serbia and to that end, we consider it reasonable enough that the program with which the Democratic Opposition of Serbia gained the two-thirds majority at former elections, most of whom...


Churchill Symposium, Zurich, Switzerland

Thank you for your invitation, it is a great honor to be with you here today and thank you for the interest you have shown for this theme. I would also like to express my gratitude for the special responsibility entrusted to me, being the last speaker to decide when the dinner will start.

Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker, the prime minister of Luxembourg, said that the “small” countries, and I would add “poor” countries as well, have the opportunity to pull the trigger, and I promise I will not abuse such true fact: I will speak briefly and...


The speech of Zoran Djindjic at the round table “The Role of Non-governmental Organizations in Democratic Society”, Belgrade

The non-governmental organizations brought a big part of its activities, risks and innovation in common project which is being implemented in Serbia today, as part of reform and transition process, and this fact should be appreciated. It should be noted also that what we are doing today wasn’t the concern of politicians and parties from the start, but it was the matter of very wide social movement which was organized outside the parties to a large extent. The...


Lecture by Dr Zoran Đinđić held to students of Banja Luka University

This is not a scientific lecture, or a speech in the traditional sense of the word, but simply an effort to have one theme dealt with from possibly an unusual perspective, relying on some arguments supported by facts: where else can we find such place as Banski Dvori in Banja Luka, to start a little thinking process that for some of you may bring about a move towards understanding some things that are important in your lives.

The essence of any organized system, whether it be living individuals or...