Personal items
The Museum collection of items comprises numerous three-dimensional items, such as the typewriter, personal computer, agendas, pens, and those carried by him at the moment of assassination – cell phone, tie, wristwatch and briefcase. The collection also includes a number of awards and prizes won by Dr Zoran Đinđić, such as UNESCO Award, BAMBI, POLAK Foundation Award. The items displayed in the Virtual Museum have been relinquished by Mrs. Ružica Đinđić.
UNESCO award

Award presented to the Serbian Prime Minister, Dr Zoran Djindjic by UNESCO in 2002.


The wristwatch that Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic was wearing at the time of assassination on 03/12/2003


Zoran Djindjic’s glasses from student days

The Whistle

The Whistle - The gift for Zoran Djindjic in memory of civil protests in 1996/1997